Boya Smart provides customers with an overall solution of the full-process and implementation-ready in carbon peaking and carbon neutrality field

· The most complete carbon emission monitoring system and data collection

All-weather and full coverage of Aerospace Satellites Data, Real-time Monitoring Data from Boya Smart City Grid urban data monitoring station, Local Data Sources, Integrated Monitoring Data of Space, Ground, and Air form the Scheimpflug lidar (SLidar), Social Survey Data, Company's Business and Operational Data

· The strongest team in the entire industry chain of the dual carbon (carbon peaking and carbon neutrality) field

Boya Smart cooperates with National Survey Research Center at Renmin University of China, Aerospace Information Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinhua News Agency, and the National School of Development of Peking University. Plus in third-party verification and certification agencies, environmental protection funds, and new energy companies to provide solutions for customers

· Six Module Solutions for Carbon Neutrality Full Process

1) Data Collection 2) Carbon Reduction Consulting 3) Verification and Certification 4) Carbon Asset Management 5) Financial Services 6) Demonstration and Promotion

ESG and Carbon Environmental Information Disclosure

· Data services

· Carbon reduction consultation

· Index systems and ratings
· Big data platform products

Smart Low Carbon/Zero-Carbon Park (Neighborhood)

· Smart energy
· Leadership cockpit system in park
· Orderly use of electricity
· Carbon footprint accounting for products
· Shared space
· Low-carbon digital village (fabricated buildings)